Sunday, July 25, 2010

done deal

Its offish. We are marriaged!! and i cant believe its already been two weeks! words cannot even express how beautiful our wedding day was. in LOVE. i am currently blogging at my moms abode so i dont have all my photos from the day.. and i have yet to recieve the ones from our actual ceromony. so to be continued on those. but i DO have some bridals! alixann loosle took them and what a stunning job she did. you can peep her here

there is SOOOOOOOOO much to say about July 9 2010, but for today i will be brief, and will get to the "wedding post" with all the deets from the day and honeymoon when i have more time. i know i know...what a drag, i promise ill get there! i will leave you with these lovelies, just a peek at whats to come!


THANK YOU thank you!! for all who came and shared that special day with us!

we love you!!


  1. woo hoo welcome to married life! im so happy for you two lovelies! LOVE your bridals you look gorg! post more wedding pics asap!

  2. You look stunning Tiny. Wish we all could have shared the day with you.

  3. Oh goodness. How lovely my friend Melissa is. I love absolutely LOVE your bridals. The bottom one is my favorite so far. Xiaoyu just came over and took a gander and said you look like " a model." How true how true. You are stunning. I was so happy to see my best friend get hitched! 2010 is the year for weddings!!!!
    ~Katie Belle