Monday, August 16, 2010

wedding post

okay kids. lets just talk about how much excitement is going through my body right now! i just got a text from alix loosle -our photographer/dear friend who captured our beautiful wedding day- saying that she has posted a sneak peak of our photos! i haven't seen ANY photos from our wedding day (besides little ones here and there from family or friends) ohhhhh you guys. can i just tell you i am beyond happy with how they have turned out. they are beautiful! i haven't seen them all, just the ones from her website, but she really did capture all those amazing feelings, smiles, and love that was shown so strongly that day. she definitely captured the "feel" of the day. what a beautiful day it was. all you marrieds remember that very special exciting day, and don't we all wish that we could do it over and over again. i know i do. words cannot even express the emotions and feelings you go through. its so beautiful. sacred. when you are looking over at him at YOUR luncheon seeing that he has a wedding band on, and he is actually YOUR HUSBAND. butterflies just thinking about it. i will never forget all the beautiful people who shared, helped, loved, captured all those precious moments that day. i thank you all. i am just so full of love right now. it was so fun to see all those things you have worked so hard on, from the planning to the price matching to the decision making..... all pan out so beautifully. our ceremony was so beautiful. walking out of that room to then walk out to join my dad by the arm, see my siblings pave the way for me, my adorable nieces who have thrown rose pedals for me to walk so gracefully on, my friends and family all standing all smiles waiting and watching for me to step out of that barn. the environment, our surrounding so peaceful. so mesmerizing. i couldn't have asked for a better place to be wed. the mountains have such a peaceful atmosphere. it was like right when i walked out of that barn door all those silly little stresses just completely disappeared. i loved having all of our family and close friends be there, our uncle Carl who married us, he is such a gem and i definitely wouldn't have had it any other way. the luncheon was amazing. it was so beautifully decorated, the food was to die for-my favorite: pasta, alfredo/red sauce, assortment of breadsticks, salad, lemonade, smoosh for dessert. my now siblings, Trevor, JanaLe, Katie and Jesse....put on such a lovely program.. Trevor and Katie sang this unforgettable song just for kyle and i. made me laugh so hard, made me burst into tears. such a special song written just for us -when they record it i will have to post it just so all you can hear.-
then the little mijas JanaLe and Katie welcomed me into the fam. oh to be apart of the mija clan. and let us not forget the talented Jesse who was the handsome and hilarious MC. our luncheon was so fun! our reception was in my sisters backyard. it was perfect. the weather, the leopard lamps, our cake. our CAKE! you must see pictures. so classy. so beautiful! thank you Brianna. the chocolate fountain, the treats, the lights, the flowers, our video, our PHOTOBOOTH! best thing ever! thank you family! the night just got better and better. but boy, by the end of the night you are pretty darn worked. it was sooo fun to have everyone see us off, and to have all the decorations on our car.. we were so lucky because just a bit after we had left and people were cleaning up it started pouring! somebody was definitely watching out for us. that night we stayed in Sundance, in a beautiful cabin. the next day we flew to California. honeymooned in Huntington beach. visited Hollywood, LA, Pasadena flea market, it was SO amazing to not have any deadlines, or schedules. it was sooooo wonderful to just relax and not have plans. we swam, we ate, we beached, we shopped, we was the best. there were times on our honeymoon where i would just stop and start repeating, we're married. we're married. we're married. ah!! it was so crazy to think about! and now, we have been married over a month! crazy dogs. we have had sooooo much to do since we have been back. we have had two family reunions, soccer games, family parties, birthdays, shows, work, engagement news list goes on... summer has been super busy. and we have loved every minute of it. now please go feast your eyes on these photos!! sneak peak of our wedding photos!!
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get ready to pee your pants!


  1. They are so beautiful!! We can't wait to see the rest of them! It truly was a fabulous day with so many great memories. We are so happy and grateful to have you in our family! Love you so much!

  2. Melissa! Oh. my. gosh!! They are amazing!! You looked so gorgeous! So happy for you! :)