Thursday, November 11, 2010


yes my dearest friends... you read right. i will soon be venturing the land of the aussies. i head out tomorrow, for a few weeks. in fact i should be packing right now, but i couldn't help but take a small break and update you on this exciting adventure! words cannot even express my excitement. i don't even know if i have seen a real kangaroo or koala bear in the flesh! i am looking forward to taking a break from "reality" and just be enjoying this beautiful place that is so very new and foreign to me. no cell phone. just email. i will have you know i expect to come back with an australian accent. not sure how my status looks as far as access to a computer but hopefully pictures I have taken to come soon! how did something this good happen to me?maybe i can bring home a kanga!

i just had to post a picture of my cutie of a husband......i sure do miss him. us. and cant wait until i see that face of his again! he's been out on a west coast tour. having quite the adventures. sadly i wont see him until i arrive home from MY adventures and don't accent! soon!