Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Im gettin married in the moooorning

ding dong the bells are gonna CHIME!
this is probably one of the only breaks i have had today. busy busy busy. i just wanted to express all my crazy feelings! IM GETTING MARRIED IN TWO DAYS!! Boy has time flew. seems just like yesterday i got engaged. its pretty nuts how much time and effort you put into a wedding and then it is ALL over, just like that. i dont even know where to start...maybe a little of...excitment beyond, nervous in the service, with a touch of anxiety.. but most of all i cannot wait for the future. though i am one of those that is not so good with change.. but definitely willing to take this large and spacious step. words cannot express what i am feeling. soon i will be mrs. henderson!! so excited to see everyone and share my special day!
picture by: alixannlooslephotography
part of my bridal sesh


  1. I am feeling just sick that I don't get to be there for your reception!! I want to see you in your beautiful dress! I know you are going to be gorgeous. I am so happy for you!! Me and Lindsay are going to make it up to you. We are taking you to lunch and giving you your gifts. I sure love you doll face!!!! I will be thinking about you all day!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. woo hoo today is the day! i cant wait to see you and your gorgeous self tonight!