Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Dress

I found my WEDDING DRESS! Excited beyond! Saturday we -sisters mom and i- decided to venture out in search of the perfect wedding dress. Sister shay, has kindly taken on the description of wedding planner.. as many of you know she is PERFECT in every way for the job. She mapped out the places we were journeying to. Allyse's Bridal was our first stop, after trying on #5 or 6 we found a candidate. I really liked this and sisters grew to love it..but something was missing.. so we decide to move on to our next stop on the map: Davids Bridal. We go in, i tell them what cut/style i was looking for, they give me their catalog to skim through before we start anything-ill have you know wedding planners orders before hand was to print out pictures of what i was searching for and bring with me on this journey in my wedding bible-( wedding bible:description coming). Which was the Best idea ever! Gave me time and ideas to think about what I wanted for when this beloved wedding dress venture was to take place. From my print out experience i knew exactly what it was looking for so we decided on a dress that fit my "perfect cut" description..which happens to be the mermaid cut. Ive always loved the idea of a more fitted wedding dress for my perfect day. They tell me, I'm not sure we have it in your size, they go check, come back and tell me, " this is quite rare, we actually HAVE it in YOUR size!" We try it on and BOOM its the ONE!! I was in love. It was exactly what i was looking for. Exactly what I've always dreamt of. Except for the fact it needs sleeves. My lovely lady loves -sisters ,mom- quite agreed. I was fortunate to have my not so little babeh brother also approve of this gem. After totalling up and discussing the type of sleeves.. it was mine. I would loove to show pictures, but unfortunately Mr. K Y L E has access to this and may not see it until that lovely day we will be wed. All i can tell you is that it is PERRRFECT in every way shape and form.

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