Sunday, March 21, 2010

So, if you havent already heard the news.....we're ENGAGED!! We are beyond excited. Therefore, i have decided to create a blog we can call our own. This way we can keep all you cats posted on all the wedding plans and our lives on the daily. The black and white photos are of the actual night we got engaged(EXCITING!!) My lovely mom and sisters took me to lunch at one of my favorite places to dine, the Brick Oven on St. Patricks Day (hence all the green we are wearing) to celebrate. Baaaaaah! Can i just tell you all i am soooooo excited! Annnd, there is alot more to a wedding than just getting married, theres alot to plan. For those of you who are married im sure will know what im talking about, when this happens to you- ill be talking about wedding stuff then all of a sudden stop and think...wait a second, this is MY wedding..WHAT THE! I couldnt feel more blessed to have the family i have and the family i am marrying into. Specially to have not one but two sisters who have been through this and can help guide my newborn heart through the planning haha.


  1. i am sooo happy for your blog! yeah!
    love you two

  2. tyle and iss really get the engaged! cutest couple ever. Congrats cindy backus. :)