Tuesday, June 28, 2011

last night

so here i am. laying on the floor. in my empty room. in my empty house. with blankets for a bed. this is probably my last night sleeping in my cute oh so sad to leave provo house. i am mixed with emotions. oh wait. i am not happy about moving, i am just sad. so maybe its not mixed feelings. i am so sad about it that i am sleeping on the floor because i want to spend every moment i can here. i am going to miss so much about this little house. the marble splash wall. the huge porch. the feeling i get in each individual room. my walks around this lovely neighborhood. my running route, passing my dream houses along the way. the way this house smells in the summer. having a bedroom as my closet. the windows that have latches. the feeling i get when having all the windows of the house open. the door that makes you feel like you are going outside and you are tricked because it leads you to another room and the downstairs. the sun room. sitting in my room being able to hear the little boys play in their house next door. walking to einstein bagel or gurus saturday mornings. the list goes on. but change is good. and i guess its time. so i must just go with it.

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  1. i feel so sad after reading this post! where are you guys going?!