Monday, April 4, 2011

walk about

i have seriously been loving my little walk abouts these days. i have learned so much about where i live. such beauty and uniqueness. i feel like each breath is new and fresh. i enjoy every moment. cherish every moment.the other night was perfect. it felt like summer. discovered so much.
things from the evening jaunt:
houses that look like they belong in brooklyn.
amaaazing weather.
found a dream house.
eagerly awaiting summer nights.
curvy tree.
reeses egg.
navajo oven.
amazing provo houses. to die for actually.
i very much so look forward to my morning runs, evening walks. to breathe in all this beauty! notice the small things, its refreshing!!


  1. I miss my dear friend Meliss. I miss having you enlighten me with your wise and wide-open thoughts. I always feel a billion times happier and less judging, more full of life when I'm around the Me Liss A.
    ~Katie Belle~

  2. hello my love! so my phone died awhile ago and I lost all my numbers. it was a sad day. anyways i need your number! text it to me 8013764901. also you know how im obsessed with nailpolish...could you put me on the waitlist for the opi pirates collection please!? preferably 2 of each since i have passed on my obsession to my sisters. thankyouverymuch!