Monday, January 10, 2011

becoming an aussie: drive from melbourne to sydney

every thing there is always put so simply. for instance, shop.
the "cool" car to have.
acres of vineyards. everywhere.
fitzroy falls. where do i begin. breathtaking. absolutely breahtaking. photos do not do justice in the slightest. one of the most amazing places i have ever experienced. ever.

looking down gave you butterflies.
acres and acres of lush, greens. misty clouds.
peaceful. spiritual experience.
fitzroy falls is in nowra. driving out of nowra we went through kangaroo valley. thick layers of fog. wet and rainy. beautiful am i right?
have i told you how blessed i feel for going here?


  1. SOOOO good to hear from you! You are beautiful! Looks like you are doing wonderful. We are doing well here. Zoey is a doll and I am having so much fun being a mom. Keep in touch!!!!

  2. Loved that you actually found my BLOG! I am so brain dead that I had forgotten our conversation by the time I started my car!! I wish I could blame it all on pregnancy! Sorry that the first thing you see on my BLOG is CRaZy....that was a first, and a last! But due to all of those "hormones" the next post will be fab!!