Saturday, December 4, 2010

fest fest fest

the lovely classic coca-cola tree
little miss berkley and i
shay and i
earlier friday enjoying rudolph

yesterday i went with my sister shay, her babes, and my dad to the festival of trees. i like to make it a tradition of going. not to mention i love that kind of stuff. so many beautiful trees. everything from your traditional holiday to toy story, harley davidson, boy scouts, girlie pinks, twilight.... everything. you name it. my personal favorites would have to be the two animal print/african looking ones. in love. if you have ever been you know they also have these delicious apple slices with carmel, definite must. after that lovely walk about in the trees, and festivities of sorts, we dined at TGIFridays. what a perfect saturday night. ohhhhhhh how i love this time of year. for some reason this year i am really in the christmas spirit. always wanting to be surrounded by christmas everything! the music, lights, shopping, the smell of pine, gifts, surprises, decorations, christmas in a cup, my favorite all time christmas classics: rudolph, frosty, santa clause is coming to town, grinch, charlie brown etc. we havent gotten our tree yet.. kyle is in LA mixing his album! hooray! so close! i am thrilled. when he comes back we will get our tree, im so excited to have my very own tree! and cant wait for my house to have the divine aroma of pine. theres nothing better than that. i think thatll be the icing on the cake for me. so let the festivites of christmas begin!

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