Friday, September 17, 2010

em tee cee

Lots of things. Where to start.
Wednesday was a bitter sweet day for us.
Our best friend and brother went into the MTC.
And will now be known as Elder Henderson.
Toronto, Canada my friends. The clean New York.
Lots of tears were shed from my eyes.
Departing from people i love is definitely not my forte.
My new favorite thing is
Send it before noon= printed off and stuffed in his mailbox. Same day!
His presence is greatly missed. Its quite the change to walk into
the Henderson household and not be greeted by Trevor singing and playing away on the piano.
We are so happy for him. Its not a goodbye, its a see ya later.

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  1. oh I love that Elder Henderson, let me know where I can send stuff to him okay :-) I LOVE THIS FAMILY !!!