Sunday, May 16, 2010

blogging about my ideals

every time i go to write on the blog kyle says," what are you doing...blogging about your ideals?" hah. classic. so a quick wedding update, yesterday we got to spend a good few hours with the ever so amazing matt clayton ( for a little engagement sesh. i am excited beyoooond. his work is always so classic, so stunning. we love him, obviously. i cannot wait to feast my eyes on them. also, i did pick my dress up from alterations this week! it fits like a glove. can i just tell you something? i L O V E it. i so bad wish i could post a picture, but it would ruin the whole surprise! so you'll just have to wait. today was kind of a special day at the henderson and lewis residents. our baby b's, trevor and adam both got ordained as elders today. that is one thought that i cannot even begin to think about right now, our bff's departing us. we spent today partaking in those special events, spending time with both families, bbq-ing, four square, eating, napping, snacking, chatting, watching heros (obsessed p to the s) more eating and basketball.


  1. Im positive you are my favorite couple ever invented. I can't wait to see those engagements. HURRY! I mean... take your time. I guess. P.s. my sister said that she knows Matt and thinks his work is brilliant. She saw that picture of kyle on his site and didn't realize it was KYLE!!!! Oh man, lovin it.
    ~Bella Louise